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The whole site maintained from a secured admin panel. Each day online version will be published and at the time of new post yesterday version auto move to archive

Online Newspaper


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Features of Online NewsPaper

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News Category

Content will be display in category those will be decide by the system admin.

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Auto update

Yes, there will be an option in admin panel from where admin can change when the page will be refresh, it can be 2 min/5 min etc. whatever you want.

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Auto news posting

When news on heading will published then queued last new will be auto post to its own category.

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There will be a blog as per customer requirements

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Share News

News share via social media like Facebook/twitter

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Sports Corner

All types of sports news section with celebrity info

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Video article

Each posting will have option to post image and video. You may use or not. It will managed dynamically.

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Video & Image Gallery

The News portal will have an excellent looked video and image gallery. Videos and images can be managed from Admin Panel.

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Mobile apps

Now your news will be visible with in android and iPod no problem.

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Ad Management

We will provide you a module in admin from where you can manage all type of advertisement

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Design & Layout

The design will be very much user friendly. It will be helpful for users to read, view news and share with friends and others. The layout will be responsive.

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Device Compatibility

Responsive layout it’s allowed accessed from any kinds of devices.

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Browser Compatibility

News portal will be compatible for any known browsers.

Our Products

We are focusing on some user needed software solution – those are making easier life of our valued customer as well as user. Not only though we do customize solution what you in need.