Online bus ticket booking system
25 Aug 2021

5 Key Features of Online Bus Ticket Booking System

These days, you cannot think about almost anything without the word ‘Online’. The travel industry is one of the industries that have well-adapted to the technology and making success by using it. One of the best products of technology in the travel industry is the online bus ticket booking system. By using the online ticketing system, many bus booking companies have rebuilt themselves and have made good profits.


However, we know that with high popularity, comes tough competition. So, now the companies are competing with each other based on the best online ticketing solution.


The most successful companies so far have clearly one thing in common – the features. All of the successful companies use ticketing systems with efficient and customer-friendly features.


In this article, we will discuss the key features that your bus ticketing system must-have. So, choose your booking software carefully and make sure it has the below features.


Online bus ticket booking system

An online bus ticketing system allows you to book tickets, manage seats, routes, agents, payment, etc. easily. The system also lets your customers purchase tickets from home and provides them various payment options as well. Take your own branded website, online bus booking app (Android and iOS) and allow your customers to book tickets for different routes and destinations.


The online bus ticket booking system comes with some efficient features so you can manage everything without struggling. Here are some of the key features that your ticket booking system must have to organize the bus ticket booking system properly.


Key Features of an online bus ticket booking system


  1. Real-time booking

Unlike the manual ticketing system, your customers don’t need to ask for ticket availability, seat position, ticket fare, etc. from the agents. Instead, they can see it themselves from the website or integrated bus ticket app any time they want.

The online ticket booking solution provides 24/7 services. That means, your customers can book tickets any time they want and get info from your system whenever they want. And with this feature, you don’t even have to stay awake at odd hours to assist your customers.


  1. Notifications

Notification is a powerful feature of the online bus ticket booking system. The system features three types of notification – SMS, Email, and app notification. It helps your customers remember the date and time of the departure and other related details.

  1. Multiple payment options

Every decent online bus ticketing system should have multiple secure payment options. It helps you gain a wider range of customers since they can use whatever payment method they are comfortable with. The secure payment methods also persuade your customers into using your services without any hesitation. Payment feature has some great benefits like –

  • Additional Discounts
  • Faster payments & improved accuracy
  • Reduced Errors & Duplicate Payments
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency
  • Eliminate billing costs / Cheaper Transactions
  • Greater collaboration / continual renewal of customer payments
  • Improve cash flow/ Improved scalability
  • Reduced risk of fraud / Eliminate employee or customer theft


  1. Real-time tracking

With the bus ticket booking system’s real-time tracking option, you can monitor your buses’ real-time location whenever you need. This feature makes it easier to calculate arrival time and departure time. You can also assist the bus crew whenever they need your help with real-time tracking.


  1. Report building

The report-making feature of the online ticketing software helps you build ticket sale/cancel reports easily. With the report feature, you can easily see the statistics of your ticket booking/sale/cancel at the end of the day. Also can


All of the features that we have mentioned above are highly efficient for every travel agency. So, ensure that your online bus ticket booking system has these useful features and manage everything like an expert.


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