Bus Tracker
04 Jun 2024

CWTicketing Bus Tracker | Real-Time Fleet Location Tracking

CWTicketing introduces an advanced bus-tracking feature designed to enhance your travel experience with real-time updates and precise information about your fleet’s current status.

Bus Tracker

A bus tracker is a system that allows users to monitor the real-time location and status of buses within a public transportation network. It uses GPS technology and other location data collection methods to provide real-time information about bus locations, delay times, routes, and arrival times.

By using a bus tracker, users can see their fleet’s current status on the map and also get notified about any delays.

Key Features of CWTicketing Bus Tracker

Real-Time Location Tracking:

   – The tracking feature activates as soon as the trip starts.

   – It uses the driver’s GPS for accurate location data.

   – Passengers can view the current location of their fleet in real-time.

Delay and Stoppage Location Updates:

   – The passengers will be able to monitor any delays at specific stoppages.

   – If a bus gets delayed, the system automatically updates the estimated arrival times at subsequent stops.

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Passenger Access:

   – After booking their tickets, passengers can search for their fleet details by entering their PNR and mobile number.

   – They can view their fleet’s current location and any delay information.

   – Passengers can see their fleet’s location on a map, providing a clear visual representation of the journey.

Admin Operator Dashboard:

   – Admin operators can monitor all fleets including the current location on the map and delay information in real-time.

   – This comprehensive view allows for better fleet management and quick response to any issues that may arise during the trip.

By incorporating the Bus Tracking feature into the Bus Ticket Booking System, CWTicketing ensures that passengers stay well-informed about their travel schedule, improving their overall travel experience with real-time updates and accurate location tracking.


How does a bus tracker work?

Bus trackers use GPS technology installed on buses to collect location data. This data is transmitted to a central server and then displayed on a map or list in real-time via a website or mobile app.

How can I access the bus tracker?

CWTicketing bus tracking feature can be accessed via a web browser or a dedicated mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Can I see all the buses on a specific route?

If you are an admin operator, you can view all active buses on a specific route, including their current locations and estimated arrival times at each stop. If you are a passenger, then you can view the current route status of the bus that you purchased your ticket for.


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