Key Features of Our Driver App | Bus Ticket Booking System
18 Jan 2024

Key Features of CW Ticketing’s Driver App | Bus Ticket Booking System

Our aim is to make transport as easy as possible for drivers as well as for passengers. Hence, the driver app.

Our driver app is more than just an app; it’s an innovation in efficiency and convenience. Let’s take a look at the innovative features that make our application the ideal companion for drivers managing both current and scheduled trips.

Running/Current Trip Features:

Instant Trip Plans: As soon as the trip schedule is fixed, the driver will know the details through the app, allowing them to prepare for the road ahead with precision.

Timely Departure Notifications: Punctuality is key in the world of transportation. Drivers receive timely notifications, reminding them when it’s time to start their trip, ensuring a smooth and on-schedule departure.

On-the-Go Ticket Sales: Why wait? Our app allows drivers to sell tickets while on the trip, providing a flexible and efficient solution for both drivers and passengers.

Ticket Validity Check: Drivers can easily check the validity of tickets, streamlining the boarding process and improving overall efficiency.

Passenger List Access: With our app, drivers can access the passenger list on the go, allowing them to manage and cater to the needs of their passengers effectively.

Upcoming Trip Features:

Proactive Ticket Sales: Our driver app enables drivers to sell tickets for upcoming trips in advance, offering a proactive approach to trip planning and revenue generation.

Booking and Cancellation Made Easy: Drivers can effortlessly book and cancel tickets, ensuring a smooth and adaptable experience for both drivers and passengers.


Real-time Communication: Drivers receive notifications from the admin in case of special announcements, which helps them build clear and timely communication with both the admin and passengers.


Financial Partnership: Our app allows drivers to deposit money directly, creating a transparent and efficient financial relationship with the company.


Checking and reviewing past trips: Drivers can check their trip history, gaining valuable insights for continuous improvement and optimized performance.


Ticket Sale Analytics: Our app provides drivers with detailed reports of their ticket sales, allowing them with insights to improve strategies and boost revenues.

Our driver app is a model of innovation in a world where efficiency is key, helping drivers navigate the highways with confidence and success. It doesn’t only help the drivers, but also the company as a whole and passengers as well.

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