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27 Feb 2023

Online Bus Reservation Software – Features and Reviews 2023

What a time it was! People have to stand in a long line to get a ticket! Too much pain, isn’t it? However, things got to change drastically with the introduction of transportation apps. The extreme pain of standing in a long line and getting an attractive place to seat in the eleventh hour has gone, thanks to the modern online bus reservation software.

The arrival of bus booking apps removes our booking miseries. Besides, it is state-of-art and very convenient to use bus booking software. Our Codeware Express is a perfect solution to fill the needs of your bus ticket. Hence, we assure you it will give you a solid taste of bus ticket booking along with various features.

In this article, we’ll discuss the online bus ticket software of Codeware Express. Let’s see how our app can set a difference. Here we go –

Bus Ticket Software – Online Bus Ticket Booking System

Codeware Express’ ticket booking system is quite convenient and flexible. There’s certainly no maze around it. Hence, it is designed for purchasing an online ticket through a sophisticated and secure online bus ticket reservation system. You’ll be able to handle various reservations, client data, passengers list, etc., through our bus ticket booking procedure.

Before beginning the discussion, we should know what is online bus ticket reservation system.

What is Online Bus Ticket Booking System?

The online bus ticket reservation system is devised to computerize online bus ticket buying through a convenient booking procedure. Further, you can handle seat reservations, client data, traveler lists, etc. It is an innovative software for travel agencies and bus contractors to promote their services online.

Key Features of Codeware Express Online Bus Reservation Software

There are several splendid features of the bus reservation system. Let’s check out the fascinating ones –

Automated System

We are maintaining fully automated bus reservation system software. This is why everything becomes so easy for the customers. They get PNR (Passenger Name Record) as their phone and email address as verification. Besides, you can attach this system with GPS for live tracking of the bus.

So, it’s clear that our automated system is very convenient and superior that can surely uplift your travel business online.

Assist in Scheduling Routes

Codeware Express’ bus reservation system is fully available on two licenses. Therefore, you can schedule bus routes and tours without hassle.

Managing Various Bus Categories

When it comes to the matter of different types of bus categories, we are second to none. You’ll find a variety of choices like AC, Non-AC, Volvo, Express, etc. Moreover, we provide in-detail information to the customers like seat availability, booking information, seating positioning, etc.

Superb Transportation System

We provide superb transportation treatment to our customers according to their needs. They can choose whatever buses they like while selecting two types of buses (AC and Non-AC) per their requirements. Nevertheless, the charges will vary in such a case.

But, the charges will mainly depend on the distances customers plan to go.

Convenient Ticket Booking

Codeware Express ticket booking system’s procedure is absolutely trouble-free. Your customers can easily book their tickets from our system. Additionally, they just need to choose a date they want to travel. Afterward, they need to fix the start place and end destination accordingly and that’s it.

Easy as pie, right? After completing these tasks, they will receive a message and can print the ticket from anywhere.

Superior Booking Management System

Codeware Express’s bus ticket booking system will allow you to schedule bus routes and tours without pain.

Make Your Daily Job Easy

Our online bus reservation software assists the clients and service contributors in fascinatingly connecting with each other. Besides, it can cover your various daily jobs to complete automatically. Henceforth, this software also uplifts your workability to advance your workforce.

Computerized Reservation System

Codeware Express booking software is capable of maintaining passengers’ detailed information, seat availability, cost of each seat, bill production, and other things in a fully computerized reservation system.

Online Solution

When you use our online bus reservation software, you can effortlessly purchase tickets from anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Bangladesh or Australia, you can make the purchasing procedure online. On top of that, customers can easily check the buses’ presence and reserve seats.

Seat Map

Our bus ticket software provides the seat map. Therefore, clients get the option to pick the seat of their own choice.

Secured System

The bus ticket booking system of Codeware Express is highly secure and possesses advanced features. Besides, it is fully designed and implemented by our young, energetic, and skillful web developers. We have complete trust in them. However, some operations have to be done manually.

Generating Reports

This is one of the most significant features of our online bus ticket reservation system. It can generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports conveniently. Henceforth, our bus ticket booking software reports time scheduling thoroughly. As a result, any travel management company can track their business pretty expediently.

User-friendly App

Codeware Express comes with a bus reservation system and mobile apps (including android & iOS). There’s no complication here. Therefore, everything is easy and smooth. In addition, they’re incredibly user-friendly and you can use them from a laptop, smartphone, tab, PC, etc.

Smooth Booking Procedure

Our online bus reservation software makes everything pretty much effortless. With our system, you can book your ticket much faster, more conveniently, and superiorly. Further, clients can place their choice of seats while also checking post availability on an exact date.

Visible Information

The seat number of a specific bus is saved in the name of a particular passenger who brought the ticket for this seat. It will represent the reservation information. This is how you’ll be able to see all the reservation info on buses and their seat arrangements.

Built-in Payment Module

There are various payment options available on Codeware Express. You can select your preferable ones from the array of options.

High-end Technology

The busliners’ engines are built with high-class and cutting-edge technology. For this reason, they are capable of delivering top-notch services. On the other hand, we handle servers, bandwidth, and performance.

Monitor and Control

Codeware Express bus ticket software is a database management software that can effectively monitor and control the whole system thoroughly in travel agencies. Moreover, our developer team made the bus ticket software in Java.


Our online bus ticket reservation system is generally based on the hypothesis of presenting seats to the customers. Therefore, there’s no hassle of login or logout. You can use the bus reservation app effortlessly. Further, our system allows users to check out the bus cancellation, book tickets, etc.


Codeware Express’ bus ticket management system is highly flexible and sophisticated. It can easily meet the various needs of bus operators.

Time and Cost Efficiency

The time to market and expense is notably downcast.

Helpful Team

We have a dedicated and helpful team who are always aware of meeting the high expectations of our customers. They’re also very friendly and knowledgeable.

Benefits of a Bus Online Bus Ticket Reservation System

Let’s check out the several benefits of bus ticket software. Here we go –


A traveler can spontaneously purchase an online ticket and get the ticket through the software. Afterward, they can print the ticket from anywhere.

Bus Scheduling

When the bus operatives schedule the routes and time for their vehicles, the bus ticket software automatically all the ways with in-detail info such as time, setting off, etc.

Seat Selection

It’s up to you which seat you want to select for you. Besides, you can choose the seat from the sitting alignment. However, you don’t have to pay an extra buck for it. You should pay only the fixed money set by the bus company.

Postponed Services

If bus operators postpone any services, you’ll see it on display.

Coupon Codes

You’ll get a lot of coupon codes that assist you in saving money during bus booking.

Final Touch

So, here we are. Hope, we’ve enjoyed our discussion. An online bus reservation system is a highly effective method to skip the sun. Hence, you can use our Codeware Express to enjoy the show. We assure you that you’ll have simple and sophisticated media that can facilitate your journey efficiently.

So, we are now waiting for your feedback on your journey on online bus ticket software. Let’s share it in the comment box! Stay blessed and big thanks!

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