Query Management System

Fully–integrated business solution for distributors to create wholesale and retail businesses on the Web.

Take Customer Support to the Next Level

With iDesk360, a subsidiary company of Codeware Ltd, you can now seamlessly manage your digital communication.
All of your digital communication channels, including social media, emails, and SMS, are managed by the application.
Establish an organized business and expertly polish your customer-agent relationship.

Why Your Business Needs iDesk360 ?

Manage all communication from a single dashboard

With our client helpdesk, you can easily manage all forms of customer messages under one roof.

Customer sentiment report

Analyze each customer's comment and messages, whether good, neutral, or negative. Use the sentiment report to avoid further mistakes and make better strategies to handle your business.

Make customer service more efficient

Effective agent-customer communication can help you build a solid and good relationship with your customers.

Monitor performance and follow-up easily

Track and control your agents' performance, as well as repair flaws and enhance agent-customer connections.

Better work performance

The automated messaging service speeds up communication and gives your agents more time to focus on more important responsibilities.

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