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26 Apr 2020

Bus Booking System – The Easiest Way to Go

The old method of manually managing the booking system is no longer a standard solution, instead, the tech-adorned digital bus booking system is the new way to manage your organization. The software lets you run the system smoothly and allows you to monitor every mile in real-time.

What is the bus booking system?

The bus booking system is an online reservation software that is a smart tool that allows you to manage booking processes, including booking, cancellation, path inquiries, registration, keeping records, and so on. It’s a benchmark software that lets you on in every detail of your organization. so, you don’t have to be exhausted while keeping track of any developments and gives you a digital solution for every bus reservation-related problem.

How CodeWare Bus Booking Software Works?

  1. Managing and Organizing: With our software, you can easily handle a bus booking organization, as it helps you manage all of your bus operations within a web-based panel. It also lets you smoothly expand operations and features as much as you want.
  1. Schedules/ Timetables: The system lets you create schedules, pick-up points, every stops, destination points, routes, and so much more.
  1. Bus Tracking Feature: Monitor all of your buses with the tracking features programmed to the buses. It will show every detail of the bus – you can see bus speed, every stopping points, where it is positioned in real-time.
  1. Communicate in Real-time: With Codeware’s Bus Booking System, you will be able to communicate with each bus of your organization in real-time, which will help you guide the bus driver, solve any ongoing issue, or administrate immediate help if any unwanted situation occurs.
  1. Manage rapid bookings: The bus ticket booking system allows the client to manage rapid bookings and check available seats quickly and easily.
  1. Records every detail: Recording passenger details is no longer an issue as our bus ticketing software lets you easily store all passengers’ details for future booking requirements. This way, you can get their preferences in your database.
  1. Manage staff: You can manage your bus staff by scheduling their work-times, assign their duties, break-times, payments, and even track their performances via the powerful online bus booking system.
  1. Android app assistant: Make the bus ticketing system available to your staff via the android bus booking app. This app lets everyone including the bus drivers, assistants, counters, agents, passengers, and other authorities to check and monitor schedules, routes, departures, and arrivals in one-go.
  1. Organize smart payment: Manage payment method with the smart payment method that lets you organize every payment accurately and quickly.
  1. Upload notice and schedules: The client can upload any bus-related offers, discounts, schedules, or any kind of notifications easily in the online bus ticketing software.
  1. Organize and control panel: The software acts as a control panel where the client can stock extra buses, make future schedules, make altercations, set rules and regulations for both staff and passengers, notify passengers regarding their bus schedules, cancellations, changes, etc. as simple as possible.
  2. Feedback and analysis: Get real feedback from the passengers, and analyze your organization’s report by measuring its performance in every aspect.


The online bus booking system is the ultimate means to spread your brand and control things single-handedly yet so simply.


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