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11 Jul 2020

Leading Software Development Company in Bangladesh | Codeware ltd

Though Bangladesh is a small country, it has given birth to many talents. Today, the world is moving forward faster than ever before when it comes to technology. You could say we are at the prime of technology. Our country has produced many technology and software companies that we are proud of, Codeware ltd being one of them. Albeit relatively small and initiative, this compact software development company in Bangladesh is everything a great software company requires to be. The company has been working tremendously to gain approvals from people. And so far, the result has always been truly commendable.

Codeware’s Main Agenda

These days, you will find software companies available anywhere you go, they are scattered everywhere. But surely you cannot expect all of them of the same quality. Because just as growing a plant takes water, care, and sunlight, a company needs the same nourishment to become a strong one. It takes great effort and patience to become a leading software development company in Bangladesh. But Codeware has done it quite fluently.

Right from the start, the main purpose of Codeware ltd. has been to deliver the best work to its clients. A task completed haphazardly doesn’t make it a task done well. Similarly, any software or any app built half-heartedly cannot do well in the market in the long run. On the other hand, a task that has been done meticulously and analyzed profoundly will rule the market. Codeware ltd considers this mantra seriously and continues to win the clients’ trust.


The software development company in Bangladesh, Codeware ltd. provides all services that a quintessential software firm can offer. The main services of Codeware are –

  1. Android and iOS App Development

In the era of mobile phones, mobile apps in various platforms, such as Android and iOS have gained remarkable popularity. This is due to their easy availability and friendly user interface. Codeware creates innovative apps appropriate both for the present time and the future. We take care of everything that an app requires to become successful in the market. Right from a great and innovative idea, to set the best easy navigation, to creating the most user-friendly UI, optimizing UX, to any future maintenance, we take care of it all.


  1. Web Design & Development

Along with mobile app development, the prominent software development company in Bangladesh, Codeware ltd. also creates ingenious web designs of groundbreaking qualities. Web design and development is not the same as mobile app development, and it is a thought that we always keep in mind.

  1. Graphic Design

Codeware has a proficient and passionate bunch of graphic designers. The team works hard to create original and arresting designs to satisfy the clients’ needs. We create fresh and catchy designs that will make you glad for receiving our service.

  1. Social Media Marketing

It goes beyond saying how important social media marketing today is for any kind of sale. Be it any service, or products, you need to have a great SMM service to promote your product. Social media is the greatest means that can help you tremendously to spread your products and services all over the world. Codeware offers you to give the best social media marketing service so the world recognizes your product and services.

Along with the services above Codeware also provides services like Custom Software Development, SAAS Development, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Albeit being a small software development company in Bangladesh, has always worked worldwide. And the quality of the company’s services is always excellent. The products of the software company in Dhaka, Codeware,  are approved all over the world. Several continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. use our numerous products such as the Bus Ticket Booking System, Online Hotel Booking System, Online Newspaper, HR-Payroll Management, Web Based Attendance System, etc. We are here to materialize your dreams, we would like you to collaborate with our software development company in Bangladesh, Codeware, so we can soar high hand in hand.


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